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Happiness and Wellbeing in Motherhood.

At Happy Mamas we provide baby massage classes and events in Bristol and the South West  to relax, unwind and feel natured with other like-minded women who also happen to have children. 




Baby Massage is a traditional way of communicating and showing babies how much we love and respect them. It has been around for many centuries in many cultures and is a way in which the parent of carer lovingly strokes and touches their baby, in rhythmic strokes all over their little bodies. It is wonderfully relaxing for baby (and mama!) and helps with bonding and attachment, baby’s brain development, growth and can sooth those little ailments like colic and teething that baby finds so distressing. 

Happy Mamas is also about nurturing mama and making sure there is space and time to learn how to relax and release tension in your body, learn some breathing techniques to try at home when feeling anxious and also talk and discuss to each other in our sharing circle without judgement.

There is also plenty of time to unwind, have a get to know each other whilst having a cuppa and piece of cake.

The IAIM baby massage course is the largest infant massage organisation in the world and draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions, as well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology. At the beginning of each course each baby is given some organic oil which is yours to take away to practice with at home along with some handouts to remind you of the strokes.


Come along for food, wine and great company once a month on the full moon and release emotions and focus on letting go and moving forward.

Each month we celebrate the full moon and the benefits it can have on us wonderful women by having a relaxed evening with good company and good food. 

We have guided relaxation, share feelings and emotions and learn how living in tune to the moons cycles can help us with our every day living. Plus we eat lovely food and maybe a little bit of wine.

Leave feeling energised and raring to go with the groups support.



Inspiring and Motivating Mamma's

Hello! Congratulations on becoming a mama! My name is Natasha and I've got two children, Toby and Noah and since having them I realised how important it is to have like minded women around you. Having recently moved from London, I used to attend lots of events for mothers and found them so useful and inspiring! I'm a qualified primary school teacher so I decided to start my business and use my skills to bring events to Bristol. Being a mama is amazing, sure! But it's also, really, really difficult and the more we talk about it, and share with each other how we're feeling the more we grow. I used hypnobirthing and active birth for the birth of son Noah and although there were complications, it was such an empowering experience experience and I'd love to share how this experience with other women. I also believe baby massage is such a powerful and enjoyable skill that I can't wait to share with other mama's and help them find their way back to feeling like their old self pre baby. I have by know means got it sussed but there are things that will help everyone feel a little bit calmer in our everyday lives.



Russell Rd, Westbury Park, Bristol BS6 7UB, UK


"Health is the greatest gift,  contentment is the greatest wealth"